Axles and Brakes - We're happy to bring you a condensed training session on axles and brakes from the Tech Institute's very own Jeremy. Topics like this could span many hours to fully cover, but Jeremy is kind enough to give a brief overview on some popular topics just for our Scouts today. You can check out full length webinars via the #LippertTechnicalInstitute by clicking on the Support Docs/Videos, then moving down to the lower menu and choosing 'Technical Training' and 'Webinars!' Interestingly, Lippert has a Virtual Trainer program (remember Emily from our earlier video today?) as well as our in person tech trainer program. Well today, worlds collide as our in-person trainer Jeremy is doing a virtual session just for our group. Any questions or comments - get them in the chat on this post! #LippertScouts #lippertcommunities #launchcelebrationweek

Posted by Rob McCarron at 2022-07-12 19:53:45 UTC