Camping is different than any family tradition I know. Camping is something that I started when I was very young, maybe a year old, and have so many fond memories of. We camped a lot as it was the vacation my family could afford. My parents upgraded campers and always went to the same dealer that took good care of them. Now that I am an adult with my own family I am teaching my kids the ways of camping. How important it is to take care and help others. To always pay attention in the campground and offer help always! That is what drove me to join these groups, Lippert embodies that spirit, they as a brand understand how important relationships are in the RV industry. Let’s all share our hobby, way of life, and traditions with our next generation. As we meet those new comers to the lifestyle let’s make sure to welcome them! Seeing my 15 year old tonight talking with his girlfriend, yes dad is adjusting… I realized that I have already sewn the camping seed into him! Thanks everyone for being so kind, helpful, and welcoming! Camping is the medicine for many ailments!!

Posted by Tim Wakefield at 2022-06-10 03:32:56 UTC