If you have seen our posts and are saying “why” this might help. If you don’t know, I want to introduce you to my Grandparents. They were the most amazing and wonderful people on earth. They both passed away but will always live on in our hearts. For many years, they had an RV and traveled the country. They told Tara and I countless stories of how beautiful this country is on the open road. We loved hearing about their journeys and challenges. They also served at all times. My Grandma volunteered at Palm Springs Art Museum for over 25 years. My Grandpa served on multiple boards and organized square dancing events. They gave of their time, talents and resources whenever they could. At our wedding, we gave everyone mugs with their own Disney character. We gave them Carl and Elle from Up. A fitting tribute on many levels. We also named our truck, Carl and our RV, Elle. Now that we’re heading out on our journey, we have the honor of taking their mugs with us on the road. A few times, I have looked and said “what would Grandpa do?” A gentle reminder to love my wife and serve others. Each new city and experience is our small way of honoring their life.

Posted by Joe Meyers at 2022-07-16 17:08:52 UTC