Well it’s official, we are now full time RV’ers! It’s still a bit hectic getting situated. One piece of advice, never try to move out of an apartment and into an RV that is in a storage lot in July in Northern Indiana. We had to schlep everything over to the RV in many, many car loads. Also trying to get out of apartment wasn’t easy due to no ability to yard sale or anything. So everything went up for free, given to friends and donated. (I think even Goodwill was sick of seeing my car pull in.) Lastly it rained the last two days before the go date so just another piece to the puzzle. So we are now busily trying to put things away and organize all our belongings from bins, tubs and boxes into all the nooks and crannies. At least we can sit on the couch now and the puppies are beginning to adjust to the new routine. But you know what I wouldn’t change a thing! We have worked hard to retire early and all the hard work has payed off! Let the adventures begin!

Posted by Kcbrat at 2022-07-20 00:44:06 UTC