Morning all! I’m hoping someone here might have some good suggestions on an unresolved problem with OneControl in my 2022 GD 397THR… I’ve been working, off and on, for months with LCI tech support, but my issue remains. I’ve been FT since May, and would like to get it solved. The OneControl touch panel works fine, with the occasional reboot, however I’ve never been able to use the app. I’ve tried on multiple phones, OSes and tablets, all with the same result: I can connect to MyRV WiFi, but then, no matter what we do, the app never shows any devices, etc.. iPhone, Android phone, iPads, all the same frustration. Delete / reinstall app, upgrade app, all nothing. With my electronics background, I’ve just started delving into the wiring running to the unity controller, in the hopes of finding a bad ground or something. What a rat nest. Here’s to hoping this gets resolved soon. Thanks!

Posted by ian.hargest at 2022-07-23 14:51:30 UTC