Been rv’n for over 20 years. Have always used thetford chemicals in the black tank. Never use to have the black tank flush port - this is our first camper that has one. Even back then all I had to do was just dump some in after dumping, come back a week or two later and use the camper and always good results. Well since the new laws went into effect it doesn’t matter how much of this stuff I dump in the tank let’s just say after about 3-4 days our toilet has bad breath. Didn’t use to be that way. Looking for better options as I’m tired of smelling it. Seems I have to flush the tank every 3 days while camping. While on our vacation we had a 6 night stay at one state park so I had to drag camper to dump station in middle of stay and still last night it was a stinking. We checked into this state park Monday with I know a whistle clean tank, dumped half a 64oz bottle in the tank - ran some water and yesterday Thursday morning where we just finally hit the 2/3 full sensor it was a stinking. So dumped the remaining left in the bottle (maybe 2-3 oz) in a last ditch effort to cure my issues, which didn’t work. So what’s everyone using if staying longer than a weekend these days. Btw I always flush the snot out the tank when dumping if they have a hose with a connection on it - if not I know the next campground I choose based upon if I know they have one and hit it up on the way in. Currently using the Thetford Aquamax blue stuff. I even overdosed it. Now temps were in 80-90.

Posted by Travis Pruitt at 2022-07-29 11:37:48 UTC