Let me introduce you to an industry game changer. The Lippert ABS system. Lippert invited myself and a few other Lippert Scouts to spend the day and test their new ABS system for campers. While here we got a upfront view next to the skid pad and we were able to view the RV react first with the system off and then turned on. It was Amazing! To have the confidence to point the truck in a direction and know the trailer was tracking right behind, inline with the truck, and not trying to come around the tow vehicle was awesome. We spent the day on all sorts of simulated driving conditions, from the skip pad that was a pot hole ridden half mile long road that is designed to break suspension and brake systems. For every road type we drove on, the system performed flawlessly. What I found incredible is that it is based on a drum system and not a disc as one would expect. I really hope to see this as standard equipment on all RVs in the future and hopefully a retrofit kit available for the rest of us. Check out the video below and feel free to ask any questions. I will answer all of them that I can or reach out to my Lippert friends for the answer. Special thanks goes out to the @Tanya Zickefoose for the invitation. And my fellow Scouts @Doug Horn @Michael Renberg @Georgie Renberg for the great day of testing and chatting. Happy camping everyone. https://youtu.be/hSDg3AzTPBQ

Posted by Steve Cook at 2022-08-06 02:42:41 UTC