Has anyone had this issue. On my Lippert Ground Control 3.0 4 point leveling system, I had a LR jack error code on our last trip. I manually leveled and figured I would check it out when we returned home. Anyway, I found the procedure on YouTube and followed the instructions. Raised all jacks and lowered all jacks to at least 6 inches. Pressed and held the retract button until the jacks started moving and then released the button. All jacks retracted as they were supposed to, but here is the issue. After both front and one rear came up, one of the rear jacks, if facing front of camper it was left rear, continued to run and the shaft was spinning. Any ideas as to what causes this. Anyway as long as it was in reset mode it continued to do this. I pressed the enter button and got the abort message, acknowledge by pressing the enter button. Error code was gone and I was able to perform the auto level with no issues.

Posted by Marke Grimsley at 2022-08-20 19:46:37 UTC