Just finished up with the 3 day Lippert Technical Institute RV Owners School. What a great experience. We stayed at the Elkhart campground. That is about a 30 to 35 minute drive to the school. I am so sorry that I didn't get the names of the instructors. They did a super job and listened to all of your questions and answered them all. The first day I did Basic electric troubleshooting in the morning. The instructor had a hands on experiment that you can do. He does explain different situations that will help you in electricity and how to do some testing to help problem solve with some situations. After lunch I had Solera Awnings. He will explain everything about the different parts of your awning and also cases what to do if you are having trouble and the motor doesn't work. They had different types of awnings set up where you could see the difference in different awnings. Second day I had Axles, breaks, suspensions and everything you need to know about the them and a hand on from breaks to greasing the bearings. After lunch I went on a Lippert plant tour. What a great experience that was. All of the people that I seen working are very hard working. That is one job that the workers have my respect at the job they do. The 2 gentlemen that gave us the tour were very nice and answered all of our questions. Third day I took Towable electric leveling and the afternoon I took through the frame slide-out. Both of these classes you will learn about the electric and hydraulic systems. They have different frames with set ups of the different leveling systems with working panels to help you with the error codes and how to correct those errors. They show you how everyone of the systems work. It was a Great 3 day. EVERYONE was very nice, polite and willing to answer any questions you may have. I would recommend the Lippert owners school to anyone that wants to learn more about your RV. Below is a picture from the Lippert frame plant

Posted by Larry Shaffer at 2022-08-28 02:48:58 UTC