Man did we avoid a very scary situation. After the FROG Rally we left the fairgrounds and was headed to Elkart Campground as I signed up for the Lippert owner's school. As we were driving I heard a little bit of a thumping coming from the rear of the truck. The sound got a little loader. As I looked at my side mirrors I noticed the driver side tire was wobbling. I immediately on pulled over. I had one stud broke and the rest were loose. I called the police department to ask for advice on who to call since I wasn't from the area. They were no help. They told me I was going to have to move it to a safer place. How can I do that with a wobbly rim is beyond me? Then we had an angel show up. A guy stopped to ask what was wrong and he ended up helping me. I offered to pay him but he said he just wanted to help me out. I couldn't have done it alone without him especially with as busy as the traffic was. I couldn't have thanked him enough. He said he worked for Forest River and he hauled their steel for them. We got the truck jacked up and the tire tightened up so I could get to the campground. We don't know why this would have happened? We got new tires over 4000 miles ago so not sure if the lugs slowly come loose or someone was messing around with our truck. We got the truck back today with a new rim as the holes in the rim started to egg shape and new lugs also. I have never had trouble like this before. I can't thank Jim Schmidt in Hicksville enough also as they didn't charge me for the repairs. I guess I'll be checking all of my lugs alittle more now on my truck and camper to make sure they are tight. I'm sharing this story in hopes maybe to help someone else out to on what to look for to avoid a very scary situation while pulling the camper.

Posted by Larry Shaffer at 2022-08-30 00:50:26 UTC