Something all owners of E450SD (2 door cutaway chassis used for Class C Motorhomes) should know is the aftermarket 16 inch, 8 lug, 4 oval hand hole rims will not fit on the front. The aftermarket rims are not large enough to fit over the 2007-2022 E450SD front brake calipers, even though they have the same Ford part number (8C2Z-1015-G) as an original Ford wheel. I have spoken to a couple Rim manufactures, and they all say you need to have an original Ford White Steel rim due to the aftermarket rims not being accurately manufactured. The aftermarket rims will fit over the brake calipers on the E350SD just fine. Ford price for a new rim to fit our E450SD chassis is $960.00. I could not believe it, so I called another Ford dealer in another state. Same price. I even gave my vin number to make sure they were looking up the correct rim, no difference.

Posted by Daniel & Cathy Waddle at 2022-09-09 15:54:28 UTC