Don’t let your self get distracted! Another wonderful day in the full time life we live in, of course it starts with breaking down camp an today that also means flushing the freshwater tank that we sanitized yesterday in preparation for spending a week in a state park with out water or sewer at our campsite, that along with a 30 amp service I hope the weather stays cool. We passed through St Louis and on in to St Louis county to drop the Smart Car off for some TLC, I hope to hear on the issues soon. We continued on to the State Park Campground and pulled into a site we were familiar with over the years, so hook up to the 30 amp shore power and fill the fresh water tank is all that is left to do till we can relax, RIGHT? Well if I hadn’t been talking and paying attention… Somehow I hooked the water hose to the (you guessed it) the Black tank flush and was fat dumb and happy waiting for the water meter to get close to 84 where the fresh water overflow usually presents itself, well we were there and there was no over flow, Hmmmmmm? My wife was opening up the camper and extending the slides when she stepped into the restroom and was concerned that there was an excessive amount of water in the toilet and she called me over and still not realizing what was going on, another Hmmmm! I said flush it and let it go down, RIGHT? Guess what, it didn’t go down! It filled more and slightly overflowed, WOW! Then I went back and checked my connections, OOPS! Remember, no sewer on any of these sites so, here we go disconnecting and heading to the dump station to empty everything out, well in the end we got one heck of a flush of a couple of our tanks! Once everything was dumped we went back and set up once again and this time I got the hoses hooked up to the correct water fill connection. We are hear for about a week before scheduled dealer service, I am looking forward to a few peaceful days after this one! Thankfully I can laugh at myself!

Posted by Joe Ryan at 2022-09-13 02:32:44 UTC