Today was a wonderful, magical and interesting day for me. I was privileged to be able to attend a tour of Lippert Plant 45, all things axles ! To say that it was mind blowing would be an understatement. This plant is where axles, spindles, ubolts, brakes and all are built, assembled, cut, cambered, welded and yes, even powder coated. There are what seemed to be a million hand welding stations, robotic stations and so, so much more. This plant even makes toy hauler door frames, and Curt Independent Suspensions used on smaller travel trailers. Us big guys are still in the wait and drool category though. One of the "coolest" things in the plant was the Torsion Suspension, again only for smaller trailers. It was pretty awesome to see the rubber strands compressed, frozen and inserted into their axle components. One thing that does stand out while visiting with the tradesmen and women was their commitment to Lippert and quality control. Everything is inspected as each phase of manufacturing is completed prior to the piece moving to the next stage of the process. Some photos show a very small portion of today's tour. I need to come back, and maybe hit a few other plants.

Posted by Bob Clayton at 2022-09-20 23:23:25 UTC