Well it has certainly been an exhausting and very exciting few days here in the home of Lippert Components. Our time here was spent doing RV repairs and upgrades. We did however kick the stay off with a visit from Craig, Rob and T, at our campsite at Elkhart Campground. Thank you to them for taking the time out of their very busy schedule to spend some social time with us. We had a slide topper hardware repair along with 3 topper fabric replacements done to our non-Lippert toppers. Next we upgraded our 5th wheel suspension from Moryde SRE4000 to Lippert Centerpoint. What a difference in performance ! Anyone who has a larger sized, heavy rig should consider this upgrade. Following that, we upgraded our entry door steps to Lippert Solid Steps including the Lift Assist and floor mat. All I can say is, should have done it a long time ago. We had the storage box installed where the old folding stairs used to be. Finally, we had significant repairs done to our Schwintech slide mechanism. Convoluted issue, but 100% now. We would like to thank the extremely hardworking crew at the service center for their dedication and excellent work! Lastly, I was lucky enough to tag along on a very informative tour of Plant 45, all things suspension related (see previous posts). Awesome week. Excellent people. Informative interactions and completely professional service. Thank you Lippert !!!!

Posted by Bob Clayton at 2022-09-22 00:58:56 UTC