Maintenance Tip: checking the vent screen on the fresh water fill. Background: getting ready for a short trip and was getting the TT ready to go. I haven’t used it this summer (live “up-north”) so I always do a full check on the fresh water system, which includes filling water heater and all water lines, both city water and fresh water tank. I noticed that the fresh water tank wasn’t filling like normal. Upon inspection, the vent screen was missing and something (mud dauber?) had clogged the vent opening. I cleaned it out with a small pick and flushed with water by slowly filling the tank until the debris flushed outside. I then drained the tank and refilled to flush any debris that may have gotten into the FW tank and to recheck vent. I then went to Amazon to find a replacement screen. None to be found…. Would have to buy and replace the entire water fill inlet… yuck…. Spent some time on YouTube and found a simple solution. Shower heads have a screen and seal that fits the inlet screen perfectly. I had an unused shower head in my plumbing stash. It fit perfectly. Note: check for screen at every fill and order a couple of spares for the RV toolbox.

Posted by Doug Horn at 2022-09-26 15:24:45 UTC