The LIPPERT team is certainly the unsung heroes of the Grand Design Rallies. These guys are AWESOME! Before National they replaced a bad front electric leveling leg that actually ended our trip to Mt Rushmore. At National they were working on the rig behind us, walked up to me and told me they thought something was wrong with a rear leg, crawled underneath and took it off and made the necessary repairs. At the Mid Atlantic I was experiencing a similar situation with my other front leg and on arrival I mentioned this to a crew working on a nearby rig. Out of nowhere four of them were at my site making sure I got it off the truck ok, started trouble shooting things, and coordinated things to fix the problem and replace that leg as well. Oh I didn't mention that the technicians were the same familiar faces from National. Dan, Jeremy, Mark, (and I am sorry I don't recall the other tech's name ), but these guys are all AWESOME! Amanda Seabolt and Scott Seggerman are two of the driving forces, behind the scenes, that have helped me out and have seen to it that we were taken care. Don Clark from Grand Design is adamant about providing outstanding customer service to his "Family" but Lippert certainly does not take a backseat in providing outstanding customer service.

Posted by Bill Morrow at 2022-10-11 02:31:19 UTC