Soooo as much as I like the fact my Cougar has a fresh water drain with pull handle, I'm not a big fan of releasing gallons of water on to the pad beneath my unit. I came up with a little hack to divert the water. The drain has an OD of 1.95" (ish). I used a length of 2" ID radiator hose which I attached to the drain with a hose clamp. I installed a type E (male) Polypropylene cam lock connector at the bottom end. This will stay attached the drain. For easy connection/disconnect I installed type C (female) Polypropylene cam lock connector to a 2" ID, 25' pool backwash hose. The only downside is the pool hose will kink and I've had to work out the kinks when draining.

Posted by Mitch Fishman at 2022-10-11 14:57:32 UTC