Ok Scouts! Some of us have moved up to a motorhome, and the ones that currently have motorhomes with the new Ford 7.3 V8 really like the added power and torque it provides…… however, it’s new enough that some parts are not available at the auto parts stores and parts are also not readily available from the dealer. This came to light last week when Tracy and I were on our way to our sons wedding in Lexington VA with our “new to us” motor home. 15 minutes out, with our Jeep in tow, the engine started miss firing and then the check engine light came on and started flashing!! The flashing light means there is eminent damage to the catalytic converter, so that means it needs resolved “NOW”! So I hit the closest parts store and asked for a spark plug, spark plug wire, or set if that’s all they had, and a coil. I determined that the injector was not bad due to the Miss not happening under mo load cruise. I was informed that the only part available was the spark plug. Ok so $5.33 later I headed back to the MH and changed the plug. No change so the next town low and behold there were 3 parts stores within 1000 feet from each other and a Ford dealership! (That told me he didn’t have either the wire or the coil, but he could order them and have them in a day or so. That no good due to the time table we were on. . Was told by the first store that the wires and coil were not available through any of the stores. So onto Napa I went. Same story there and after a call to the company that makes the parts for Napa (Beldon) they don’t have the authorization to make them yet. Now a phone call to a friend at the dealership I used to work at, I talked to Joey and he said that the new engine is a similar build like a GM 6.0/6.6 motors. Although they were about 1/4” shorter, they work and we are on our way again running on 8 cylinders!! The pictures show the old wire, new Ford wire and the GM wire and part number on the box. If you have time you can get a set of wires from Summit Racing for around $175 but if you are in need on the road this will work. Safe travels to all and we will see you at the Getaway!!

Posted by Terry Corrinne at 2022-10-13 17:59:21 UTC