Depature Day Stress Got the TT loaded up and hooked up last night. So this morning we would only need to load the last minute stuff and hit the road. Should only need about an hour to close up the house, right? WRONG! I go to set the house AC system to vacation mode and the touch screen is dead! And the house feels a bit warm. WTH? Start looking for the number for our repair guy and what time they open. After about 20 minutes of checking with volt meter, swapping batteries, and some cursing, hubby remembers he had cleaned the condensate drain a few days ago and that this had happened once before and was caused by the float valve in the condensate line sticking. He checks it out, and voila the system comes back online. Phew! Only 45 minutes behind schedule at this point. Get all the rest of the gear loaded, lock up the house, set the alarm, we’re ready to roll right? WRONG! Hubby starts the van, and the check engine light comes on, and doesn’t go off. WTH? It was fine 15 minutes prior when we hooked everything up and did the light check. So I turn off the alarm, and head back into the house to find the OBD reader that I bought several years ago, while hubby unplugs everything that we had connected and steps through the process to see if it will reset. I come back outside with the reader and hubby says with everything disconnected the check light is gone. We reconnect the camper, restart the van and the light stays off, plug back in the rear camera and the GPS and the light stays off. Yay! We're back in business, and only an hour and a half behind schedule before we even made it out of our driveway!🤯 Praying the next 325 miles are uneventful. I think we’ve had enough for one day!🤞 How's everyone else's day going?

Posted by Dawn Kirk at 2022-06-30 14:34:36 UTC