You may have noticed 2 different Scouts Icons upon your entrance into the Lippert Communities app… so you might be asking, "What's the lock icon all about?” GREAT QUESTION! 😄 Our “Lippert Scouts” private group, which is limited in membership, allows RV’ers the opportunity for more connections to fellow Scouts and Lippert team members. So what makes it different than “Lippert Scouts: The Community?” And how do YOU get access? MORE great questions! 😀😌 Additional benefits within “Lippert Scouts” include: more interaction with Lippert team members, early access to special events and special announcements, more direct feedback opportunities (surveys, product testing, in person calls), special Scout-exclusive promo codes and offers, behind-the-scenes material, and more! Private group members are selected based on engagement and overall impact in the Scout Community. Throughout the year, new members will be given the chance to be a part of this group and all its bonus offerings. We understand many members of Lippert Scouts: The Community are here to gain knowledge, share information, and be a part of the community. Not everyone needs more than that - and that’s great! For those who do want to make more of an impact, the private Lippert Scouts may be for you. Sound interesting? Chances are, if you are active in The Community (posting, commenting, encouraging others, giving feedback or direction as needed, etc...) your Communities Team will recognize your presence and extend an invite to join the private group! Thank you for being a part of the Lippert Community — we are excited to continue impacting the RV Industry in monumental ways TOGETHER! 😃

Posted by Tanya Zickefoose at 2022-07-01 12:29:43 UTC