Hi guys I’m Zack and I’m not sure if I should tell you about myself here, or in my bio. My wife and I are full time travels in our 2013 30 foot Crossroad Z-1. We are accompanied by our two German Sherpards Zoey and Scout (Shepsky)(We just rescued him 2 months ago during our adventures in Kentucky!) Two cats Lenny and Midget, and out 3 Beta fish! It’s a full house but we could not be blessed with a better life and opportunity. We have been up and down the east coast (currently in Constable, NY @ Pine Ridge Park Campsite which is absolutely gorgeous!) we can not wait to begin our adventures out west this upcoming year. I am a disabled veteran and my wife is a clinical processor for an insurance company. We ❤️ our rescues and could not be more thankful for the family we have!

Posted by Zack Caruso at 2022-07-11 20:04:57 UTC